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In late 2009 I started giving each of my clients a satisfaction survey after their case had been completed. Clients can choose to return the survey or not. No compensation is provided for returned surveys. The below comments are taken from those surveys.
My promise to you is to always display each and every client survey – good or bad – in a binder in my reception room so that you can read them all and make your own decision.

WM 1/31/17
“Your services exceeded my expectations. I felt that as a client I was seen as a priority. The services were carried out very professionally and everything was done on time.”
UC 1/25/17
“Of course I would recommend you. Thanks again for making a traumatic situation comforting. Happy New Year.”
NM 1/3/17
“100% we would recommend you to others because you are a great attorney at law. Thank you very much for helping my family start a new beginning! You are an exceptional attorney and person!”
MP 12/12/16
“Thank-you for giving me a fresh start. You made everything so easy especially since this is something I never saw myself doing! I would absolutely recommend you to others! You were very kind and knowledgeable. You always worked with my crazy schedule and were willing to answer my emails and phone calls any time. Your services exceeded my expectations. Thank-you again for everything.”
UC 10/31/16
“Everything was fantastic! Yes I would recommend you. You were great!!”
MY 10/19/16
“Your services did meet my expectations. I liked your willingness to help and preparation and knowledge. Definitely yes I would recommend you to others because you help people out with their situation and you have been doing this for many years and are a nice person too.”
MK 10/12/16
“You are the best. Thank-you Robert.”
SM 8/9/16
“I was very pleased with your job in my case. Thank-you so much.”
MK 8/3/16
“Mr. Skowronski more than exceeded my expectations! I liked how everything was done one step at a time. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Everything was explained thoroughly in a way I understood. No legal jargon. I would recommend you to others because you are kind and professional. At a very stressful time of my life you provided my calm center. I knew everything would be handled correctly. Finally, I could have a sense of peace financially. Thank you so much for your help. Something I thought would be stressful really wasn’t. You do amazing work!”
M&L 6/15/16
“We had a very great experience. You’re very friendly and know how to work well with people and have a great personality. We would recommend you because you explained everything very clearly and you present the case just how it is.”
NA 4/26/16
“Yes, I would recommend you to others. You know a lot about the law. I liked your willingness to help my case.”
CTD 4/20/16
“I liked the professionalism, privacy and comfort of working with you!”
MJL 4/14/16
“Mr. Skowronski is experienced, meticulous, fast thinking, ethical, courteous, well organized, brilliant, wise, witty, honest, sincere, trustworthy, and a good looking lawyer. Everything was perfect. I will definitely recommend you.”
M.V 3/28/16
“I was very satisfied with your services. Everything was great. You are an excellent lawyer.”
M&E R 3/10/16
“Your services was a great asset to us. You explained the entire legal process to us from start to finish. You stood by our side all the way and you gave us hope and encouragement. You are a very good lawyer. While we do not need any other legal services at present, you will always be our lawyer.”
CG 3/10/16
“What I liked about my experience with you is that right away I felt at ease. You and your office took a lot of stress off of me. Best attorney services I have every received. Thank you!”
MZ 3/1/16
“I was very satisfied with the overall experience with my case and you made the process very simple. You were very organized, highly knowledgeable about the law, courteous and professional. Yes I would recommend you because you seemed genuinely concerned with my case. You also communicated quickly and efficiently.”
AO 2/16/16
“Your services met and exceeded all expectations. I liked your frankness and straightforwardness pertaining to the law and relevant processes. At no point did I feel lost or confused. I have already recommended you to 3 other people. From start to finish your service was straightforward and professional. Thanks again for everything Robert!”
MM 2/9/16
“I would definitely recommend your services to others as I have no doubt about your excellent services. You were always courteous to answer my calls and also spent your precious time to explain things to me thoroughly. You have given me hope to survive well. Thank you very much again.”
DB 1/30/16
“Yes I would recommend you because you were easy to talk to and have a good knowledge of the law. You never made me feel like my situation was hopeless. Bankruptcy is very hard to deal with. You never made me feel bad about myself. You just letting me know it will be ok helped a lot. I would like to come to you for any legal advice.”
LC 1/26/16
“Your services went above and beyond my expectations. What I liked about my experience with your firm was your knowledge and understanding of the law and the ease of our conversations without technical terms. I would recommend you to others because you are straight forward, understanding, patient, and knowledgeable of the law. You did a great job from beginning to the end of my case. A+.”
JE 1/11/16
“Thank-you for all your help! Everything was beyond what I expected. You made the whole process painless and easy. It seemed like you actually listened to our needs and were genuinely trying to help.”
AM 1/5/16
“I thank you for your diligence in my case. Your services met my every expectations in every way. I liked your professionalism and knowledge of the law. I will of course recommend you to others because I’m very pleased with your services.”
AC 1/5/16
“Thank you for everything you did for my case. You are the best! Everything was perfect. I will recommend your services to other people because you are the best lawyer!”
J&J R 1/2/16
“Robert, you did an exceptional job. I have and will continue to recommend you to others.”
MS 12/6/15
“My experience with your firm was fast/quick and to the point. You explained everything in detail and met my expectations. You helped me without any “but” or “no.” I thought you were pretty good.”
LW 11/14/15
“Your services were excellent. I loved the way you gave detailed information about the whole process from start to finish. You make understanding the process simple. Keep up the great work. We all need a lawyer like you in our corner.”
AW 10/9/15
“Absolutely yes I would recommend your services!! You were very professional, always on time, provided best of law knowledge, you brought peace of mind and solved my financial issues with a successful case. Thank you!”
JS 10/06/15
“Your services greatly exceeded my expectations. I liked your reliability, professionalism, high ethical level and ease of communication. Yes I will recommend you to others.”
UC 7/27/15
“Robert I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. Excellent job. I am genuinely grateful!”
TR 7/14/15
“My first impression was very organized and Robert is. I liked everything he did for my case, and he is very trustable. Yes I do recommend Robert. I would suggest someone to talk to him for the debt issues.”
OM 7/1/15
“You did a great job with my case. I liked that you always answered your phone and we did not have to play phone tag. You should be open on Saturdays, even if it is only for a few hours.”
MS 6/19/15
“You did a great job. You explained to me everything clearly. All I was expecting for was a lawyer who is honest, reliable, and dependable and you were just as I expected. When I first came to your firm I really didn’t know anything about bankruptcy and but you filled me up with information and knowledge about this matter. Thank you very much for your great help. It was wonderful working with you and I appreciate very much your help. I have already referred a client to you.”
SVR 5/14/15
“I liked everything about my experience with your firm. The location was accessible by bus. The office was very clean. Robert was very professional, organized and very knowledgeable. He is also willing to help by restructuring fees based on a client’s financial situation. My one suggestion it that you should expand and put additional offices in other locations so you can help more people.”
JN 4/27/15
“Your services greatly exceeded my expectations. I am hard to impress due to my line of work, and yet you impressed me with your knowledge of bankruptcy law and your thorough manner. I would recommend you to others.”
BD 3/31/15
“Robert was a very nice and knowledgeable attorney. Yes he helps and I will recommend this law firm to people.”
RR 3/30/15
“I appreciate your knowledge and handling of my case and would recommend you to others because you are honest, knowledgeable, and courteous.”
JY 3/4/15
“You did a great job! You made sure I understood everything and more. Everything seems perfect. Yes, I would recommend your services to others. Thank you so much for a fast and easy case. Much easier than expected!”
DM 3/2/15
“Your service was wonderful, kind, and very professional. It exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your services because you were helpful to me, so likely you will do the same for another people.”
ZK 2/20/15
“I liked that your services were very professional. Yes, I will recommend your services because is good, polite and professional.”
KD 2/4/15
“My case was smooth, understandable and done in a timely manner. I highly recommend your services due to your expertise, being upfront, and you have a great follow up. Thank you for your services.”
LI 1/30/15
“I liked that it was a job well done and your confidence. Yes I will recommend your services because you know your business.”
TK 1/28/15
“What I liked about my experience with your firm was the professionalism, the compassion and understanding. I was treated with dignity and respect and not looked down upon when others firms did. I didn’t feel like a number. I would absolutely recommend your services. Robert treats his client’s with respect and goes above and beyond!”
CR 12/22/14
“Everything was excellent. Yes, I would recommend your services. Excellent job.”
UC 12/16/14
“I liked that Robert was very helpful and informative. I would recommend his services because I had a very pleasant experience.”
JC 12/10/14
“My experience with your firm was comfortable, friendly, knowledgeable, and proficient. You were perfect. Yes I would recommend you because you are professional in every concept.”
M&V 12/1/14
“We felt instant relief with you. We were so lucky to find the right person who was willing to give his time to listen and genuinely likes to help. I would absolutely recommend you because you are good. You are a blessing to us. May you continually help others and may God bless you always. Thank you so much!”
DW 11/1/14
“What I liked about my experience with you is that you seem to care about me and my future. Yes, I would recommend you. You are a great lawyer.”
JSH 10/27/14
“I will definitely recommend Robert to friends and family. Robert took something that should have been nerve shattering and made it feel relatively easy. From point A to point Z he was thorough and honest and never once compromised his or my integrity.”
JZ 10/18/14
“Great service!!! I will recommend you for sure.”
AW 9/22/14
“What I liked about your services was the truth. Yes, I will recommend you to other people.”
D&DB 9/19/14
“I liked that you had knowledge of the law and are very professional. I will recommend you to others.”
FA 9.12.14
“I will DEFINITELY recommend you. I appreciate your timely manner and effort in helping me. Thank you very much.”
KF 8/14/14
“My expectations of your services were exceeded. I liked the way you took me step by step and I knew what was expected of me. Everything was perfect with your services. My privacy was respected, all meeting times were convenient and there is a very professional atmosphere. I would recommend your services as you can make a difficult time and decision easy and reassure me that I was doing the right thing.”
GRJ 8/11/14
“I liked that you explained everything perfectly and that your services met my expectations. I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat. You are good at what you do, don’t change, and keep doing what you’re doing. You are a very good lawyer. Thank you for all your help.”
GRJ 8/11/14
“I liked that you explained everything perfectly and that your services met my expectations. I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat. You are good at what you do, don’t change, and keep doing what you’re doing. You are a very good lawyer. Thank you for all your help.”
GM 8/2/14
“What I liked about my experience with your firm is that you explained to me my case thoroughly and clearly. Any questions I had were answered completely. Yes, I would definitely recommend your services to other people because you did a great job. Robert, you are a great attorney. I noticed that you pay a lot of attention to your clients. The explanation for the whole process is wonderful. You work very hard to help your clients. Thank you. You helped me and I appreciate all the hard work and hours you had to spend on my case.”
ZN 7/22/14
“You were perfect and easy to deal with. I would recommend your services and I already have. Thank-you for a job well done.”
MW 6/27/14
“I think you are very nice and smart about the law. Yes, I would recommend you because you are fair and knowledgeable. I really like you as a lawyer, you are not too pushy.”
JJ 4/27/14
“The result of your services was surprisingly good. The reality confirmed your promises.”
A & E I 4/16/14
“Yes I would recommend your services because you helped me solve my problems. I received excellent services.”
NH 4/15/14
“I am so glad I took the time and decided to go to your lawfirm. The previous lawyer didn’t explain anything but was willing to take my money on the spot! You took your time to explain step-by-step everything including paperwork. You were ready to answer and help with any question I had about my bankruptcy. I would definitely recommend you!”
WG 2/24/14
“Your services greatly exceeded my expectations. I liked your kind and accurate explanation of the procedure and the consequences of bankruptcy. I am recommending your services to other people. According to me it is the best I have met in many years. Thank-you very much for your help.”
AG 2/16/14
“I liked how you explained my situation at that time, how things are handled, and what can be done to win the case if possible. You were easy to speak with, answered all my questions, and concerns. I left your office with a positive feeling regarding my case. I would totally recommend you to others because of your approach, payment plan, your offer and most of all your knowledge. Thank-you for your services, especially winning my case!”
I & L B 1/28/14
“At our first consultation, we were skeptical about Mr. Skowronski’s services. But, during that consultation, Mr. Skowronski was very attentive, listening and explaining our legal issues. He made us feel significant because he was upfront and truthful. We felt our legal case was a priority and believed Mr. Skowronski knew what he was doing. We felt assured! Yes, we would recommend the firm’s services to other people. We believe Mr. Skowronski will treat each person with the greatest importance to resolve their issues.”
SD 1/17/14
“It was a real pleasure working with Robert. The whole process of bankruptcy was very painless and quick. Robert put a great amount of time into my case and was always available to answer all of my questions regarding this case and beyond. He prepared me very well for the meeting in Court and always stood by my side. Yes I would definitely recommend your services. Robert is just that good. Great person, very good lawyer!”
TK 12/31/13
“Robert was clear, concise, and provided me with one-on-one representation. I would certainly recommend his services. In fact, I already have.”
GO 12/8/13
“Your services, particularly your responses and answers to my questions were spectacular. I liked that you gave adequate room for discussion. You have an excellent warm reception & no hesitation to want to solve problems. You brought my case to a positive and satisfactory conclusion. If I need legal work in the future, you are the first to contact. You are a great person and your clerk has exceptional customer services. God bless you!”
BK 11/19/13
“I liked that everything was done with great explanation. Robert made everything go very smoothly and made everything go stress free. Thank-you for your help”
UC 11/8/13
“Your service were excellent and everything was perfect. I would recommend your services to all my family and friends. Thank you! Thank you! Very much.”
MW 11/1/13
“I liked that we conducted my business over the telephone, which I really appreciated since I have mobility issues. You seem very knowledgeable and answered most of my questions. Yes, I would recommend you! You were helpful, you take partial payments, and you were successful in having my lawsuit dismissed! Thank-you!”
RP 9/21/13
“I felt comfortable, well-informed and the price for services was more than fair! I would not change a thing, ever! I would recommend your services because you did an excellent job for me. You are intelligent and honest. While I did not use it, your payment plan offer is amazing!”
OM 9/1/13
“I liked that things went smoothly and were done in a timely manner. It was very comforting to have you taking care of my legal problems. Your competence put my mind at ease and the outcome was in my favor. I am very happy with your services and will come back again as needed.”
UC 8/8/13
“I appreciate all you did for me and in making sure I understood what was going on. Your knowledge was great and you explained things do to the 7. I definitely would recommend you because you were very helpful and forthcoming.”
JDS 7/4/13
“You did a very professional job and took your time to stop and listen to what I had to say. You took your time to make sure I understood what my rights were. Thank-you.”
J&RP 7/4/13
“Robert is very reassuring, friendly, professional, courteous, and patient. He takes time with clients. Very knowledgeable and offers the best advice. He made the entire process very smooth and with as little stress as possible. I would always recommend you based on our personal experience.”
ELM 6/21/13
“Absolutely I would recommend your services to others. You were very detailed in explaining everything throughout my entire process.”
ED 5/4/13
“I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat because you were up-front and very professional. Everything in my case was perfect.”
UC 4/27/13
“I liked your kindness, knowledge and that you made me feel comfortable. You helped make me a proud person again and for that I’m most thankful.”
HC 4/17/13
“I was very happy with your services. I liked that you worked to meet me with my work schedule and the explanation of everything going on with my case. You really care and understand that we all deserve a second chance. Thank-you again.”
UC 1/14/13
“Your professionalism, efficiency, and follow-up were above expectations. You really listened and put us at ease with the situation. I would absolutely recommend your services to others because our experience was stress free and the results were as discussed.”
A&NR 1/8/13
“Robert you are the best. Our experience was pleasant, helpful and you provided ease to a nerve wrecking experience. Thank you so much, we’ll keep praying for you.”
APB 12/30/12
“Great job. I am very satisfied. You were very professional, had vast knowledge of the law, were courteous and willing to help.”
IV 12/19/12
“I liked that every single step from preparation to final discharge in chapter 7 has been done in a highly professional manner. You made the hard times easier and with no stress. Great office, great experience! Keep on doing a great job for your clients!”
KL 12/18/12
“Everything was perfect! I appreciate the personalized attention and professionalism. Rob takes the time to explain every step so it’s easy to understand. Previously I went with a firm that advertises on TV every 20 minutes. When I went to court, I had no clue who my attorney was & they didn’t know me. I was so lost. Not once did I feel this way with you.”
PA 11/9/12
“I liked that I was able to understand everything that was explained to me about my case and the process was fast. I will definitely recommend people to this law firm. I loved the way they make you feel comfortable and not pressured about any decision. I am really happy that I was recommended by my friend to Robert J. Skowronski. He is very professional with his work and clients. A+++”
BT 11/2/12
“Your service was great. I couldn’t expect anything more. Thank-you so much. I liked that everything was done in a timely manner and that is what I like. I don’t see much more you could do to improve your service because it is the best. I would recommend you because you did everything you said you would do. If I do have any kind of work to be done I will surely call on you. For sure.”
SA 11/2/12
“We liked your friendliness and honest talk. We felt comfortable. Yes I would recommend you to my family and friends because you are very friendly and you make us feel as family. If we need any other type of legal work, you will be the first one I call.”
AG 10/28/12
“You are an everyday man! You made time and took your time for/with me. You were easy to work with! Change nothing! I will be calling you if I need anything in the future! I trust you and your opinion.”
JGA 10/9/12
“I would recommend you because I’m greatly satisfied with you services. I have no comment except to thank you for your help.”
VS 9/22/12
“I liked that you are flexible and have payment plans. You explained everything well about bankruptcy. Yes I would recommend you to everyone I know because you are knowledgeable of what you do and made me feel at ease like if I have known you for years. You were great and thank-you very much.”
EM 9/5/12
“Your services greatly exceeded and met my expectations. For me God sent you in this universe to help people like me. I like the way you treat your clients. I feel like we are your brother and sisters and parents as well. You give respect to everybody. Yes I will recommend your services to other people, to my family and relatives because your services were excellent.”
RC 7/20/12
“Thanks for your professionalism. My biggest expectation was fulfilled: the Court discharged my case successfully. I like the way how you handled my case. You explained to me very clearly the whole process. I think that any person that chooses your service will feel happy. I will highly recommend you. You are a trustfull and professional lawyer.”
JW 7/11/12
“I liked that you were very thorough and to the point when discussing my financial situation. You were willing to accommodate to my schedule in order to complete my ch 7 in a timely manner. Yes I will definitely recommend you. I was made to feel that my life was not “over” and there is a light at the end of the tunnel using guidelines you discussed with me. Thank you very much for your help and working with my schedule! I can now start fresh and smart with my finances!”
BK 7/3/12
“I liked the timely fashion with which the whole thing took. I also appreciated that during the initial phone conversation & during the appointment, Robert patiently explained my options, the process and what I could expect. I would recommend you. I’ve known people who filed bankruptcy and they were deliberately set up with a “solution” that benefited the lawyer and law firm, more than the client. If I do need an attorney in the future, my first call will be to Robert.”
MS 6/20/12
“I was very pleased from beginning to the end of the process. You were easy going, very friendly and a good listener. Yes I would recommend you!! Good like with your firm, keep helping people, you are the best!!”
BM 4/25/12
“I liked that you were the only lawyer willing to look beyond the surface of our situation and find a solution. I would recommend you because we felt that you worked hard on our case and it showed that you actually cared. There would be no hesitation to recommend your firm to anyone. We were very grateful to find someone that actually was willing to help us. We saw other lawyers that just weren’t willing to help.”
NC 4/4/12
“I liked that the firm was very straightforward and honest. I am a very satisfied customer, don’t change anything please!”
ME 3/20/12
“Your services exceeded all of my expectations. I like everything about it. Liked an affordable fee, easy to understand, explained everything step by step. Absolutely I would recommend your services because it is the best.”
J & R S 2/9/12
“The services met my expectations 100%. No complaints. I liked that the law firm was quiet and private. It was also very nice to be able to take out time by sitting down and having all questions answered. I was completely satisfied with the office & services, no improvements needed! I will definitely highly recommend your services because I know whomever I refer will have a pleasant experience. We want to thank-you for your hard work, dedication, knowledge, and patience while completing our case.”
OH 2/6/12
“I liked that I felt at ease the whole time. The process took very little time and without any complications. Also, I was pleased with the payment options. Yes, I would definitely recommend your services to other people who are in need of financial help. Overall, I made the right decision coming here for help.”
LV 1/23/12
“Your services exceeded my expectations. I liked the ease of completing something I should have taken care of ages ago. Yes, I would recommend your services to other people. I was comfortable and did not feel overwhelmed. Your approach showed me the brighter/positive side to my situation. You really made the entire process easy for me to go through. Thank you for helping me get me life back on track.”
FD 1/16/12
“I would recommend you because you know what you are talking about from the first visit, you are courteous and knowledgeable.”
GES 1/9/12
“Thank God for Robert J Skowronski. You are like family. Keep doing what you do, it can only get wonderful. Yes and very yes again, I would recommend your services to others.”
IS 11/2/2011
“I liked that you didn’t seem like one of those hot shot know it all lawyers.”
UC 10/31/11
“I liked the fact that you were direct and upfront, well organized and trustworthy. Yes I would recommend your services because you delivered all that was promised.”
AD 10/16/11
“You services met my expectations perfectly fine. I like that you knew exactly what you were doing with no problems or difficulties. Yes, I would recommend you because you did a good job and knew what you were doing.”
D & J P 8/18/11
“We were very impressed by out attorney’s knowledge and honesty. Not to mention, we walked away with a new found knowledge we did not have. Nothing to change. Our attorney was very accommodating. Thank-you for all your help and dedication.”
T.P. 06/16/2011
“In the future, if I need service again, I will call you and recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you.”
D.L. & M. D. – 05/25/2011
“What I liked most is the professionalism that Rob portrays and then when it was time to show it he exceeded any expectations that I had. I would definitely recommend Rob and I have because he took the fear out of legal mumbo jumbo and took on our case boldly.”
S.D. 04/18/2011
“Extremely professional. It felt good to have you represent me when we went to the hearing. After seeing other attorneys and their lack of preparedness, you eased my mind. I will most defiantly recommend your services to anyone in need.”
B.M. 04/01/2011
“Trust me, your services was excellent. For sure I know people looking for that kind of services. There is only 1 number I give them, which is 773-283-1600. God bless u. I was very happy with your services. Thank you very much. ”
A. & J. C. 03/22/2011
“I liked the thorough explanation of the BK process. Although we do not speak the lawyer lingo, you somehow figured out how to get my wife and I how to understand the procedures on the BK. Don’t change anything. You’re fine. Although you look young for your age, you handle the entire process like a pro.”
J.P. 03/16/2011
“I liked the very informative advertisement, great communication, very knowledgeable and helpful, down to earth, and options. Not pushy and scary like other firms. I would recommend you because of the great experience I’ve had thru your firm from the very beginning. My debts have been discharged and I can improve my life again.”
LC 2/28/11
“Everything was perfect. You answered all of my questions. Everything worked the way I want it to be done. I already recommended your services to others.”
JV 2/23/11
“Your services greatly met my expectations. I liked the way you explained things very clearly. I would recommend you because your services are well organized.”
BP 2/18/11
“Yes I would recommend you. You were reasonable, personable, straight forward, and competent.”
FB 2/11/11
“Your services met my expectations exceptionally. I feel so comfortable talking to you about my case, you are easy to understand, precise, and you have a lot of patience to explain bankruptcy. You are an excellent bankruptcy lawyer. You’re doing very well.”
H. & W. A 01/20/2011
“Your services not only met out expectations, it exceeded it by much more. Yes I would recommend you, many people including myself are very ignorant when it comes to bankruptcy laws and they will need someone like yourself to explain it to them. Although I read so much about bankruptcy, five minutes with you were better than all the hours of reading. Thank you very much for all of what you have done for me and my wife. We were so fearful of the bankruptcy process and you simplified for us in everyday language very easy to understand.”
F.V. 11/04/2010
“The service was outstanding! Greatly appreciated. Presented me with all answers upon request. Very honest and motivated. You gave a sense of comfort and understanding. Didn’t feel belitted at any point. You can make a great defense lawyer as well. You work well with people and show no fear.”
L. & W. L 10/27/2010
“I liked the one on one consultation and the personal concern for the client. Greatly appreciate your help! Very lucky that we chose the right lawyer.”
A.O. 8/22/2010
“I liked the no nonsense approach and straight forward information. I will recommend you to anyone that would need a very good bankruptcy lawyer.”
E. & R. G. 7/13/2010
“All our expectations were met, I have nothing negative to say. I cannot appreciate enough what a pleasant experience we had. I appreciate after we received our discharge papers we had a few more questions and you always gave us the time to answer any other concerns we had.”
VA 5/18/10
“My experience with Robert met all my expectations. I was and am very pleased with how everything turned out. All my questions were answered quickly; none of my expectations were unmet. Robert made me feel completely comfortable about my decision to file.”
DB 5/18/10
“I would recommend you because you were easy to work with. I liked that it was easy to speak with you and that you were patient with me, which can be a task.”
V.A 5/8/2010
“All of my questions were answered quickly; none of my expectations were unmet. Robert made me feel completely comfortable about my decision to file. I was/am very pleased with how everything turned out.”
LC 4/20/10
“I liked that you are very nice and know what you are doing. For me everything seems ok, no need to change anything. You answer emails right away.”
N&MB 3/25/10
“Yes I would recommend your services to other because you were down-to-earth, a good listener, pleasant, clear to the point, trustworthy, flexible, and knowledgeable of the law. What more can you need.”
DL 1/21/10
“My experience with your firm was a polite one. I was able to understand what was going on at all time. Yes I would recommend your services because they were excellent, plus it’s affordable.”
SA 1/15/10
“Yes we would recommend your services because we were satisfied. You gave us a clear explanation of the process. We liked the timeliness of taking care of the problem. Keep up your good work.”
MC 1/9/10
“I have a very pleasant experience working with you. I absolutely would recommend you. You were very friendly, knowledgably, informative, and had reasonably priced services.”
DM 12/26/09
“Your services greatly exceeded my expectations. I was happy with the time you took in explaining the process. You are a very good person and knowledgeable. That why I would recommend you.”
Y.S. 10/7/2009
“I liked how Mr. Skowronski took his time to explain everything to me. No complaints. You are very professional at your job and at the same time people feel a little at ease with you.”
NM 9/29/09
“Given the nature of my business the whole experience was quite hard on me, but you were so easy to talk to and so polite. You were courteous, honest and prompt. I really appreciate that. I would absolutely recommend you to other.”
J. & S. A 9/11/2009
“I liked the quality, the professionalism, and the human touch. I would like you to have every legal work in any area. I was so pleased with your work and results. Thanks for everything.”