Robert SkowronskiDear Potential Client,
For many of you, a bankruptcy may be the only experience you have with a legal proceeding. Understandably, you have lots of questions before, during, and after your case. You want to know that I understand your situation and goals fully.
Such an intimate relationship is critical to the success of your case and to your well being, both financially and psychologically. A fresh start can be a powerful tool to building a prosperous future, but it will only work if it’s tailored to your goals and if you understand how to use it.
That’s why I practice with a different philosophy and I’m not shy about putting it in writing. I’ve built my practice mainly on referrals from satisfied clients who know that I guarantee a level of service that my clients want and deserve.
The below are my promises to you and those you refer to me.



• At our initial consultation, I will devote at least 30 minutes to interviewing you and answering your questions. The consultation is completely free and you will not be pressured to sign a contract. I mean what I say… leave your wallet at home.
• At the conclusion of our consultation, I will give you a copy of my standard contract that discloses ALL of my fees and is written in plain English. You will NOT face ANY hidden charges. I hate surprises, and I know you do to, so it won’t happen.
• I will quote you a reasonable fee. I can do this because I don’t spend tons of money on TV advertising. My advertising philosophy is cheap: referrals from satisfied clients.
• If you best interests are served by not filing a bankruptcy, but rather by negotiating a settlement with creditors, defending a creditor lawsuit, or doing nothing, I will let you know. I know that bankruptcy is not the answer to every problem and that’s why I offer other types of assistance as well.
• I will respond to your questions within a timely manner. It doesn’t matter if you have a question before, during or two years after your case has concluded.
• I will not farm out your case to an outside company or pass you on to an ouside attorney. You hired me because you wanted me. I understand that and that’s what you’ll get.
• I will review and explain your petition to you before it is filed so it is accurate and complete, and accomplishes your goals. You will receive copies of every document filed in your case. Nothing will be filed without your approval.
• Before your case is filed, I will explain to you the entire process and what you can expect at each stage. I will keep you informed of the progress of your case. You won’t be contacting me to find out what is going on, because you will know.
• Your petition will be completed within seven business days of receiving payment and documentation from you, unless specifically stated otherwise.
• After your case is filed I will set aside time to give you the tools to rebuild your credit score. This is very important because if you do nothing to repair your score after your case has concluded then it will continue to be low for years.
• If you refer a client to me, I will treat them with the same high standards that I have treated you with. You can also be sure that I won’t share any of your information with those who you refer to me.
• I will always abide by the code of ethics found in the Attorney Rules of Professional Responsibility. I have a license which I worked long and hard to obtain, and whatever I do, I do with those high standards in mind.